Marhanetska TC: economic diversification as a guarantee of community’s economic growth

The transfer of powers and resources to the level of territorial communities determined them to be the main drivers of investment processes. Human resources, raw materials for processing, projects and investment objects are concentrated in the communities.

Almost every capable community is interested in development and investment attraction. The achievement of this goal can be ensured by investment marketing, which is offered to communities by the Dnipropetrovsk Investment Agency (DIA).

These issues were discussed on February 12, 2021, during the online meeting “Economic development of the city of Marganets” chaired by Gennadii Gufman, First Deputy Chairman of the Dnipropetrovsk Regional Council and Gennadii Borovik, Mayor of Marhanets. The event was also attended by Oleksandra Sotula, deputy of the Dnepropetrovsk regional council, Alim Molodan, deputy director of the DIA and specialists from the Marhanets city council.

Marhanetska TC, according to the Regional Center for Economic Research and Business Support, has a high rating of 47.79 (average in the region – 25.85, in Ukraine – 18.84), which allowed the community to take 17th place among the best territorial communities of Dnipropetrovsk region. But, the level of subsidization of the community is 10.6%, and its own income per one resident – 2370 UAH (on average in Ukraine 4185 UAH), demonstrate a low level of economic activity.

The economy of the community is industrially dominant, and is represented by the mining industry, mechanical engineering, light and food industries. But mining production (JSC “Marganetsky Mining and Processing Plant”) and repair enterprises focused on its maintenance, form the mono-profile of the community and its high dependence on the stability of the one enterprise operation.

This makes it necessary to diversify the economy of the Marhanetska TC through attracting investments in new types of economic activities, primarily the processing industry, logistics and production of building materials. In connection with the above, the community was asked to analyze the available investment resources: raw materials, enterprise initiatives, industrial facilities and territories, which, together with DIA specialists, will be processed and presented on the investment portal of the region.

Based on the online meeting results, an agreement was reached to strengthen communication between the Marhanetska TG and DIA, for the formation of investment projects and proposals.

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