NIBULON is finishing general construction works in Marianske village

In Dnipropetrovsk region it is planned to put the river transshipment terminal into operation in the middle of June.

All the general construction works at Zelenodolska branch are in the final stage this week. The specialists will start testing the main equipment at the beginning of summer.

Due to the efficient measures implemented under quarantine conditions the facility, which is important for the Ukrainian economy, has continued to be constructed and also it was ensured work performance according to schedule. Thus, the specialists have already constructed a truck tipper, a weighting station, a transformer substation, a mechanical workshop, an administrative and laboratory building, and a canteen. The workers are finishing to install all the necessary equipment, as well as to conduct interior works and arrange working areas.

The specialists are going to finish works on the main facilities at the site. The specialists will soon complete mounting a frame of the elevator tower. The contractors will have installed the silo’s sixteenth section by the end of the week.

Concerning the technical equipment at the transshipment terminal, the works have been currently performed by 80%. The assembly of aspiration equipment in the elevator tower, in the truck tipper and silos is next in turn.

It is finished laying electrical networks to provide the facility with electricity.

It has been constructed a wharf. The specialists have started to mount a rack and tie railing intended for the vessel loading machine.

We would like to mention that upon spawning NIBULON will complete dredging a water area of more than 8 ha and a part of water access to the water area with the length of about 1 km. The builders will also arrange a new additional navigable pass along the Dnipro River (water access to the wharf’s water area from the Dnipro navigable pass) with the length of more than 5 km. The company will install navigation aids there in order to ensure navigation safety.

The river transshipment terminal in Dnipropetrovsk region is another step to implement the company’s large-scale investment program to revive Ukrainian rivers as transport arteries, as the agricultural commodities taken from farmers will be delivered to the destination points by water, thereby removing more than 12.5 thousand trucks from the Ukrainian highways annually.