Online dialogue “Recovery and reconstruction through municipal partnership projects” from U-LEAD with Europe

The Russian invasion of Ukraine is destructive to economic, social and physical capital, but most importantly to people’s lives and livelihoods, their freedoms and dreams, which must be rejuvenated. Today, the international community shows extraordinary solidarity with the Ukrainian people – world leaders call for a new ‘Marshall Plan’ for Ukraine to help rebuild the country.

The successful implementation of the decentralization reform has empowered the local and regional authorities with substantially wider competencies and an important role in social and economic development and hence also in the overall recovery and reconstruction process in Ukraine.

One of the challenges of the reconstruction process of Ukraine is to build place-sensitive, inclusive, and multi-dimensional strategies to achieve sustainable outcomes.

On July 28, U-LEAD with Europe will hold an online dialogue “Recovery and reconstruction through municipal partnership projects”

The main goal of the event is to present a project-based approach when dealing with the recovery of municipalities to ensure that municipalities play a key role in recovery efforts of war-affected territories in Ukraine, whether directly through the invasion and temporary occupation or indirectly through welcoming displaced fellow citizens and businesses.

In particular, during the event, the importance of municipal investment projects and their implementation in the recovery and reconstruction of Ukraine will be presented. The participants will also discuss:

  • Damage assessment as the baseline for reconstruction and development of recovery strategy;
  • Identification of the needs for services taking into account the population displacement;
  • Relocation of enterprises to safer areas and improving employment opportunities;
  • Capacity of local communities to manage an inclusive recovery and reconstruction processes through ready-to-go municipal investment projects for recovery.

REGISTRATION and event agenda are available here.

Please register no later than 4:00 PM on July 27, 2022 on the website or by sending your full name, position, name of your municipality, contact phone number, e-mail and the question you would like to ask the speakers to