Online discussion on international transport from CSCMP Ukraine

On October 27 at 17:00, an online discussion “Structural changes and trends in international transport in Europe and Ukraine in 2022” will take place. Organizer – CSCMP Ukraine.

The purpose of this event is to provide a brief but complete overview of the current challenges and opportunities for international import and export traffic from Ukraine. To explore new structural changes in European transport flows (rail, river, air, sea, road). To discuss the prospects and trends of the main points of international transport: tariffs, customs procedures, opportunities, flexibility and responsiveness.

CSCMP Ukraine invited experts on various types of transport to the discussion in order to deeply dive into the situation, discuss the existing trends and dynamics of each direction, and also find opportunities for the most effective use and expansion.

Experts will not only discuss the market situation, but will also try to find potential (existing and new) opportunities for companies to run and grow their business.

Top level speakers:

  1. Pablo Guido, Global Product Strategy Manage, Rhenus Air & Ocean will speak on “Overview of challenges and trends in European transport infrastructure and changes in traffic flows”.
  2. Sergiy Vovk, CEO of the Center for Transport Strategies, will speak on “General overview of the Ukrainian market of international transportation”.
  3. Volodymyr Demenko, CEO of Levada Cargo, will speak on “What is the best way to organize the delivery of goods by rail”.
  4. Oksana Yakovleva, CEO of GEFCO Baltic, will speak on “Practical features of the logistics of the Baltic countries and transit opportunities for Ukraine”.
  5. Julia Aglichanova, the head of DB Schenker in Ukraine, will speak on “How to organize groupage cargo in modern conditions. Peculiarities of work with sea and air transportation in the EU”.
  6. Olexander Krasnov, DSV Director of Marine and Air Transportation will speak on the topic “Practical guide in working with ports in Europe“.
  7. Diana Pyloyan, the head of the transport company ForLogist, will speak on the topic “Actual problems and the level of tariffs for international transportation Ukraine-Europe” .

The language of the event is English. Duration – 2 hours.

You can register for the event by link.