Opportunity for women to integrate into the European creative & tech environment

5,000 Ukrainian women who temporarily left their hometowns will be able to learn creative & tech professions and receive scholarships for their studies

Russia’s attack on Ukraine forced more than 4 million Ukrainians to leave the country. And 6.5 million moved to western and central regions. The vast majority of the displaced are women who are saving their children.

Together with Projector, with the support of Diia. Business, we are launching a fund to help women and girls to work, be independent, and integrate into the European creative & tech environment. We encourage to start a new career path after learning a new creative or tech profession.

What will it be?

  • 10 short intensive programs: UI/UX Design, Graphic Design, Digital Marketing, Project Management, CG Art, Data Science, Python, Front-End, Motion Design and SEO & Targeting.
  • Career support – access to job database, communication with potential tech companies, resume writing advice, interviewing, etc.

The Foundation will accept applications in several stages. The first phase lasts until April 26.

Apply for training

More about the fund

Source: www.facebook.com/mintsyfra