Privatization of state property. Is this type of investment promising and what successful cases are already known?

On September 30, 2021, a roundtable discussion was held on the topic: «Prospects for investing in state property. Success stories of privatizations».

The event was held with the participation of Volodymyr Orlov – First Deputy Head of the Dnipropetrovsk Regional State Administration, representatives of the State Property Fund of Ukraine, Director of the Dnipropetrovsk Investment Agency (DIA) Valentyna Zatyshniak, as well as heads of relevant departments of the regional state administration.

«In the investment menu of the State Property Fund of Ukraine there are now many proposals of different cost, area and purpose, ranging from small premises and structures to large industrial enterprises. Access to these objects is open to everyone, and detailed information about each object can be obtained in a few clicks in the virtual data room» – said Anna Myrhorodska, head of the regional department of the State Property Fund of Ukraine in the Dnipropetrovsk region.

Continuing the topic of investment objects in the region, Valentyna Zatyshniak spoke about the opportunities offered by the Dnipropetrovsk Investment Agency – «On the DIA website, in the «Investment opportunities» section, there are available projects, proposals and industry objects from businesses and communities of the region. For its part, the Agency is ready to provide comprehensive information support to investors who will be interested in this information».

The unconditional success of the state property privatization is confirmed by numerous cases in the region.

It is also worth remembering those that are currently being actively implemented – the «Rassvet» hotel building, as well as the water sports center «Locomotive». Now a large-scale reconstruction of the hotel, which was in disrepair, is underway and the base will be turned into a modern residential complex with a restored embankment by the end of 2022.

Thanks to privatization, these objects have been given a new lease on life and have also filled the budget. In addition, such cases allow creating additional jobs, upsetting settlements, restoring old or emergency facilities.

Anna Kalinina, First Deputy Head of the Regional Department of the State Property Fund of Ukraine in the Dnipropetrovsk region, demonstrated the capabilities of the web portal of the State Property Fund of Ukraine to the participants of the event. «At the current period of time – is an investment and privatization marketplace,
open and transparent for everyone» – she said during her speech.

Representatives of the State Property Fund of Ukraine declared their readiness for a transparent, open and constructive dialogue for the successful implementation of projects in the region.       

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