The “Foreign Trade” block with updated indicators is already available in the DIAGRAM Open Indicators Module

The results of the foreign economic activity of the Dnipropetrovsk region in 2021 testify to the strengthening of the integration of the region’s economy into the world economy and an increase in demand for domestic goods and services.

It should be noted that DIAGRAM has been accumulating indicators on the development of the region since 2016.

The TOP-5 trading partners of the region in 2021 were the USA, Poland, Turkey, Germany and China.

An interesting fact: the export of goods increased by 60.22% compared to 2020 due to an increase in the volume of exports of the main types of goods:

  • ferrous metals – exports amount to $4.8 billion, increased by 69.7%;
  • ores, slag – $4.7 billion, increased by 66.7%.

In turn, imports grew by 26.72%. Most of all, the region’s business was interested in the following products:

  • oil and products of its processing – imports amount to $1.2 billion, increased by 50.2%;
  • machinery and equipment – $1 billion, increased by 15.9%;
  • chemical products – $0.9 billion, increased by 23.6%.

During the same period, exports of services increased by 42.85%. This was facilitated by an increase in the volume of IT services – their exports amounted to $82.6 million, increased by 13.7% and transport services – $67.9 million, increased by 31.9%.

Import of services increased by 37.02%. This was mainly due to royalty services and other services related to the use of intellectual property – $ 99.6 million, imports increased by 85%.

All the information above is provided by the Main Department of Statistics in the Dnipropetrovsk region and displayed in the Open Indicators Module in the form of interactive graphs and charts. These data can be used by specialized specialists in various industries (economists, analysts, etc.), as well as scientists, teachers or students.

The updated block “Foreign Direct Investments” and “Capital Investments” will soon be available in DIAGRAM.