The «Mining Front» project was created to restore the destroyed Ukrainian mining infrastructure

In Ukraine, on the initiative of the National Association of the Extractive Industry of Ukraine (NAEIU) in partnership with the Austrian Association For Integration, the «Mining Front» project was launched. It is aimed at restoring the mining infrastructure destroyed as a result of the Russian invasion.

The purpose of the project is to provide donor financial and material assistance to enterprises of the industry affected by hostilities on a voluntary, non-commercial, equal and mutual basis. It is expected that it will be consolidated with the participation of international service and mining companies, financial institutions.

As the executive director of the National Association of Extractive Industry of Ukraine, Ksenia Orynchak,the project started on September 16, 2022, and preparations for it began in May-June. Within the framework of the project, it is planned to provide assistance to enterprises that are working, but have difficulties with logistics. Assistance is also provided to enterprises that need equipment to ensure and improve their work.

The partner of the project is the Austrian public organization Austrian Association For Integration. Its main function is to find donors among international mining and service companies, financial institutions and public organizations. Ksenia Orynchak notes that it is also about the coordination of processes, which will take place in cooperation with NAEIU, as it is important that the recipients receive the necessary assistance. From the side of Ukraine, all cooperation is conducted through the Association.

Aid from donors means equipment and components from sponsors or from the Austrian Association for Integration, as well as its purchase in Ukraine, if it is possible. Each case will be considered separately and a decision will be made.

“For this purpose, we have created questionnaires for both donors and recipients in order to understand exactly what kind of help is needed and from whom to receive it. Everything that is needed for the functioning of enterprises, in particular, funds for them. But it will be received by enterprises that really exist and are officially registered,” noted Ksenia Orynchak.

Swiss and German companies are among the donors, but they will not name themselves publicly at the moment – perhaps this will happen after the victory of Ukraine.

All mining enterprises of Ukraine that have suffered as a result of the war, whose functioning is under threat or which have already stopped, can apply for assistance. Within the framework of the project, they are not divided into categories – gas, metallurgical or coal.

“The project will definitely operate until Ukraine wins the war with Russia. Because Russia purposefully destroys mining enterprises in order to show its power, if not on the battlefield, then in the destruction of our country’s energy infrastructure, shelling of enterprises that pay the most taxes to the state budget. It is quite likely that this project will function even after the end of the war, in order to restore losses in the mining industry,” said Ksenia Orynchak.

Since the beginning of Russia’s full-scale invasion, international partners have provided Ukraine with $17.5 billion in macro-financial assistance. The Prime Minister, Denis Shmyhal, announced it at the end of August 2022.

Source: www.gmk.cente