Ukraine’s recovery plan envisages $37 billion of investments in the agricultural sector

The recovery plan of Ukraine in the period 2022-2032 contains a number of projects in the field of agro-industrial complex, the implementation of which will require at least $37 billion of investments.

This is stated in a detailed document provided by the secretary of the National Council for the Reconstruction of the Country, Danylo Hetmantsev.

It is proposed to increase the production of starch, syrups, gluten, lecithin, protein, premixes, meat and milk as the main directions of development of processing in the agricultural sector.

The project for the development of processing in the agricultural sector in accordance with the principles of the Green Deal envisages attracting $10.2 billion.

It is also planned to receive $4 billion in investments for the construction of an irrigation system on a total area of 1 million hectares, $7.7 billion for increasing the production of agricultural products with high added value, $1.6 billion for reclamation of war-damaged lands, $5.5 billion for increasing production livestock products and $1 billion to promote the transition of the Ukrainian agricultural sector to “green” development.

According to the document, it is planned to attract $6.5 billion by 2032 for the post-war reconstruction of 10,500 Ukrainian agricultural enterprises.

The recovery plan of Ukraine specifies that the main problems of the Ukrainian agricultural sector are the low level of processing of agricultural products, the generation of insignificant amounts of added value by the agricultural sector, and the country’s dependence on “bulk imports”.

In general, the program provides for the implementation of 850 projects during 2022-2032, which will allow Ukraine to enter the TOP-25 countries in the world according to the Human Capital Index and the Economic Complexity Index.