Dnipropetrovsk region Investment Guide – what’s new in the region?

DIA Investment Guide has long become a traditional tool both for those who intend to learn about the Dnipropetrovsk region and for those who want to effectively invest in this region.

A completely new approach to displaying investment opportunities – now 15 projects and 15 industrial property objects are presented in a convenient and interactive format.

Projects for a total amount of required investments of more than 150 million US dollars are presented in the 5 most trendy for the region sectors of the processing and mining industry, agro-industrial complex, residential construction and recreation.

Reconstruction of a milk processing plant in Mezhivska TC, which will allow processing up to 10 tons of milk per day and creating a final product with high added value. Construction of a refrigeration complex with the capacity of simultaneous storage of 5,000 tons of vegetables and fruits of the farmers of the Petrykivska community. Two innovative projects in the field of alternative energy, which are focused on the production of more than 200 thousand tons of green hydrogen per year using renewable energy. And these are just a few examples of investment projects that are proposed in the Guide.  

The Dnipropetrovsk region actively contributes to the implementation of projects in the above industries and provides all the necessary conditions and support to investors who decide to work here.

Significant human resources are provided by higher educational institutions and professional schools of the region, which annually train more than 42,000 qualified specialists, including in the dual form of education.

Projects with significant investments (more than 30 million euros), materials, components and assemblies for agricultural enterprises, as well as equipment that operate on renewable energy sources together with energy-saving equipment are exempted from import duties. Additionally, according to the decision of the local government, the land tax (ranging from 1 to 12%), real estate tax, and land rent can be reduced.  

Industrial development areas are a new proposal from the communities of the region. Three actual industrial areas with a total area of ​​478 hectares with the necessary engineering infrastructure are concentrated in large industrial zones in the cities of Nikopol, Zhovti Vody and Novomoskovsk. The industrial location is the best way to facilitate the implementation of large-scale projects, and the advantageous proximity to the largest enterprises in the region and the country, including «INTERPIPE», «United Tobacco», «VostGOK» and others, helps to create strategic partnerships.

The whole range of land available on the territory of the Dnipropetrovsk region was collected on DIAMAP. There are 458 free land plots with a total area of ​​about 5000 hectares.      

Open data of the region with detailed results of foreign economic relations are presented in the DIAGRAM module, and profiles of more than 12,000 regional producers are available in the DIABASE competency base.

For the sixth year in a row, 69 foreign diplomatic departments in Ukraine, 16 international chambers of commerce and industry, 70 diplomatic missions of Ukraine abroad, as well as business representatives, the scientific elite, government officials and students receive up-to-date information about the Dnipropetrovsk region thanks to the Investment Guide from DIA.

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