Dnipropetrovsk region: updated “Investment Guide”

Dnipropetrovsk Investment Agency is pleased to present “Investment Guide 2019”, by which you will be able to discover the key facts about Dnipropetrovsk region, its potential and place among the regions of Ukraine.

Dnipropetrovsk region is a multi-sectoral developed scientific and industrial center, capable of producing competitive products. The region has the potential to become a leader in the production of products, provided not only raw materials but also processed products will be exported.

As a strategic priority areas of Dnipropetrovsk region economic development for the mid-term are defined: engineering, processing industry, service sector.

Engineering is strategically important given the high value added of products, considering the availability of resource potential and scientific, technical and human resources potential in this area. Activation of this point of growth is necessary to increase the competitiveness of products, which implies further attraction of foreign investments and skilled workforce and, as a consequence, increase of the scientific and technical potential of the region.

Processing industry sector is attractive for increasing investment flows to the region, which, with the appropriate level of modernization and reconstruction of the production and technical base, is able to increase the volume of products manufacturing with high added value and reorient the region’s exports from raw material orientation to the sale of finished products.

Service sector is both a huge market and a platform for efficiency and competitiveness of all other markets and industries. High-tech production and industrial modernization with the help of digital, information and communication technologies, as well as the scope and pace of digital transformation is a priority for the region’s economic development.

Read more about the investment climate of the region, analysis of the economic structure, key features and priority areas for investment, as well as the territory for the implementation of investment projects in the information and analytical edition.

The official presentation of the Russian-language edition will take place on October 3-4 within the framework of the Second Forum of the Regions of Ukraine and the Republic of Belarus in Zhytomyr.

Download “ Investment Guide” in Russian language by the link.